A typical teenaged kid is permanently attached to a hyper-happy, robotic butt. This ultimate ‘odd couple’ must learn to work together to overcome the unique challenges of teenage life in the not-too-distant future.

5-11 year olds | 52 x 12min | 2d & 3d Animation
Zap! In the blink of an eye, Meg and Mick Miniscule go from normal teenagers to pint-sized superheroes battling for the internal health of Kris, their nutritionally-negligent host.

5-11 year olds | 52 x 12min | 2d & 3d Animation
DARCY DINGBAT is a Junior Park Ranger. He talks with the bush animals and rides an emu (CLAPPERS, his kooky sidekick deputy). Together they patrol Didgery Ridge National Park and fight to protect it... making sure they have plenty of fun and adventure along the way!

5-11 year olds | 52 x 12min | 2d characters in Photomonged Backgrounds
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